Maruti Suzuki CTS 2024: Free Vocational Training for 10th Pass Students

Maruti Suzuki, one of India’s leading automotive companies, has launched an exciting initiative under the government’s Craftsman Training Scheme (CTS). This program offers free vocational training to 10th pass students, providing them with a valuable opportunity to enhance their employability in the automotive sector. This guide will cover all of the Maruti Suzuki CTS 2024, including eligibility criteria, course details, benefits, and application process.

Maruti Suzuki CTS

Eligibility Criteria For Maruti Suzuki CTS 2024

To qualify for the Maruti Suzuki CTS 2024 program, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Education: Must have passed the 10th standard with at least 50% marks.
  • Age: Candidates should be between 18 to 20 years old.
  • Gender: Only male candidates are eligible for this program.
  • Physical Condition: Candidates must be physically capable and possess a permanent driving licence.

This program is specifically designed for young individuals who meet these requirements, offering them a pathway to a promising career in the automotive industry.

Details For Maruti Suzuki CTS 2024

The CTS (Craftsman Training Scheme) program at Maruti Suzuki focuses on automotive manufacturing. Here are the key details on this 10th pass job:

  • Course Duration: The training lasts for 2 years.
  • Stipend:
    • First Semester: ₹16,500 per month
    • Second Semester: ₹17,300 per month
  • Location: Training will be conducted at Maruti Suzuki’s Gurugram and Manesar plants.
  • Certification: Successful candidates will receive a National Trade Certificate (NTC) from the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT).

This structured training program aims to equip students with practical skills and knowledge, making them competent for various roles in the automotive sector.

Maruti Suzuki CTS 2024 Training Structure

The Maruti Suzuki CTS 2024 program is meticulously designed to provide training in automotive manufacturing. The curriculum includes:

  • Theoretical Classes: Covering the fundamentals of automotive technology, safety standards, and industry best practices.
  • Practical Training: Hands-on experience in Maruti Suzuki’s advanced manufacturing plants.
  • On-the-Job Training (OJT): Real-world training scenarios to prepare candidates for actual job roles.

This combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills for CTS Scheme ensures that graduates are well-prepared for their future careers.

Maruti Suzuki CTS 2024 Application Process

Interested candidates can apply for the Maruti Suzuki CTS 2024 program through the following steps:

  1. Online Registration: Visit the official website or designated registration link to fill out the application form.
  2. Document Submission: Submit necessary documents including the 10th mark sheet and Aadhaar card.
  3. Selection Process: Shortlisted candidates will be notified about the interview dates.

Ensure all information is accurately filled in the application to avoid any discrepancies during the selection process of the Maruti Suzuki job.

Benefits of the Program

Participating in the Maruti Suzuki CTS 2024 program offers numerous benefits:

  • Skill Development: Gain specialised skills in automotive manufacturing.
  • Employment Opportunities: Increase your chances of getting employed in the automotive sector.
  • Stipend: Earn a monthly stipend during the training period.
  • Certification: Receive a recognized certificate that enhances your employability.

These benefits make the Automotive training program an attractive option for young individuals looking to build a career in the automotive industry.

Important Considerations

  • The program is free of cost; no fee is required for admission.
  • Be cautious of any fraudulent activities demanding money for admission.
  • Only candidates with a permanent driving licence should apply.

These points ensure a smooth and legitimate application process.


The Maruti Suzuki CTS 2024 program is a golden opportunity for 10th pass students to receive free vocational training and enhance their employability in the automotive industry. By meeting the eligibility criteria and following the application process, candidates can take a step towards a promising career path with one of India’s leading automotive companies. Check out for more job updates in 2024 in India. Apply now and take the first step towards a bright future in the automotive sector.


What is the age limit for the Maruti Suzuki CTS 2024 program?

The age limit is 18 to 20 years.

Is the program open to female candidates?

No, currently the program is only open to male candidates.

How long is the training period?

The training period is 2 years.

What stipend is provided during the training?

The stipend is ₹16,500 per month for the first semester and ₹17,300 per month for the second semester.

Where will the training be conducted?

Training will be conducted at Maruti Suzuki’s Gurugram and Manesar plants.

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