Uttarakhand Open University Result 2019-2020 (घोषित यहाँ देखे) UOU BA B.Com BBA MA Results

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Most recent Updated On 07-09-2019 :- UOU (Uttarakhand Open University) has proclaimed MASO-10-Master of Sociology Result and Various Other Courses’ Results. Every one of the Candidates Please Check Exam Result with the assistance of underneath Information.

About University :-

Uttarakhand Open University is the main open college situated in the city of Haldwani in the Indian province of Uttarakhand. The college was built up by an Act Of Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly on 31 October 2005.

Courses Being Offered By The University :-

The University Provides Various Under Graduate (UG), Post Graduate (PG), Diploma, Certificate, Language and Many different sorts of Course and a portion of the Faculties of University are recorded beneath

1. Staff of Arts

2. Staff of Commerce

3. Staff of Law

4. Staff of Science

5. Staff of Technology and so on.

About Result :-

Uttarakhand Open University (UOU), Haldwani Annual and Semester assessment 2018-19 (BA, B.com, B.sc, MA, BBA, BCA, MCA) Results will be Available on college official site. We are encouraged to the All Students who are Waiting for Their Result Please Keep Visit University site (http://www.uou.ac.in/|) Regularly for a wide range of Updates.

Last Note :-

Every one of the Candidates please contact with us for progressively most recent updates. up-and-comers please keep persistence with respect to their Result. In the event that Candidates have any Query with respect to this post you can likewise Drop Your Comment in Comment Box. Up-and-comers can likewise Bookmark this page for day by day Regular Updates.

MAEC-12-M.A Economics2-Year10 Feb 2020
MAEC-16-M.A.Economics2-Year10 Feb 2020
MAEC-17-Master of Arts (Economics)2-Year10 Feb 2020

MAEL-17-Master of Arts (English)2-Year11 Feb 2020
MAEL-16-M.A. English2-Year11 Feb 2020
MAEL-12-M.A English2-Year11 Feb 2020
MEG-10-M.A. English1-Year11 Feb 2020
MEG-10-M.A. English2-Year11 Feb 2020
MASL-12-M.A Sanskrit2-Year12 Feb 2020
MASL-16-M.A. Sanskrit2-Year12 Feb 2020
MASL-17-M.A. Sanskrit2-Year12 Feb 2020
MAUL-16-M.A. Urdu1-Year13 Feb 2020
MAUL-16-M.A. Urdu2-Year13 Feb 2020
MAED-12-M.A Education1-Year13 Feb 2020
MAED-16-Master of Arts in Education1-Year13 Feb 2020
MAED-17-Master of Arts (Education)1-Year13 Feb 2020

Latest Declared Result


Uploaded Date

MASO-10-Master of Sociology
2-Year07 Sep 2019
MASO-16-M.A. Sociology2-Year07 Sep 2019
MASO-17-Master of Arts (Sociology)1-Year07 Sep 2019
MASO-17-Master of Arts (Sociology)2-Year07 Sep 2019
MSCBOT-13-Master of Science in Botany2-Year05 Sep 2019
MSCBOT-16-Master of Science in Botany2-Year05 Sep 2019
MSCBOT-17-Master of Science in Botany2-Year05 Sep 2019
MSCCH-13-Master of Science in Chemistry2-Year05 Sep 2019
MSCCH-16-Master of Science in Chemistry2-Year05 Sep 2019
MSCCH-17-Master of Science (Chemistry)2-Year05 Sep 2019
MSCPHY-13-Master of Science in Physics2-Year05 Sep 2019
MSCPHY-16-Master of Science in Physics2-Year05 Sep 2019
MSCPHY-17-Master of Science in Physics2-Year05 Sep 2019
BCOM-10-Bachelor of Commerce3-Year05 Sep 2019
BCOM-16-Bachelor of Commerce3-Year05 Sep 2019
MASL-12-M.A Sanskrit2-Year04 Sep 2019
MASL-16-M.A. Sanskrit2-Year04 Sep 2019
MASL-17-M.A. Sanskrit2-Year04 Sep 2019
MAHI-10-M.A. History2-Year04 Sep 2019
MAHI-16-M.A. History2-Year04 Sep 2019
MAHI-17-Master of Arts (History)2-Year04 Sep 2019
MAPS-10-M.A. Political Science2-Year03 Sep 2019
MAPS-16-M.A. Political Science2-Year03 Sep 2019
MASL-17-M.A. Sanskrit2-Year03 Sep 2019
MAPA-17-Master of Arts (Public Administration)2-Year03 Sep 2019
MAEL-12-M.A English2-Year03 Sep 2019
MAEL-16-M.A. English2-Year03 Sep 2019
MAEL-17-Master of Arts (English)2-Year03 Sep 2019
MAED-17-Master of Arts (Education)1-Year03 Sep 2019
MAED-12-M.A Education2-Year03 Sep 2019
MAED-16-Master of Arts in Education2-Year03 Sep 2019
MAED-17-Master of Arts (Education)2-Year03 Sep 2019
MAPS-17-Master of Arts (Political Science)2-Year03 Sep 2019
BSC-12-Bachelor of Science3-Year02 Sep 2019
BSC-16-Bachelor of Science3-Year02 Sep 2019
BSCS-16-Bachelor of Science (Single Subject)3-Year02 Sep 2019
BScS-12-Bachelor of Science (Single Subject)3-Year02 Sep 2019
BA-12-Bachelor of Arts3-Year31 Aug 2019
BA-16-Bachelor of Arts3-Year31 Aug 2019
BAG-13-Bachelor of Arts (Geography)3-Year31 Aug 2019
BAG-16-Bachelor of Arts (Geography)3-Year31 Aug 2019
BAGES-16-Bachelor of Arts (Single Subject) in Geography3-Year31 Aug 2019
BAM-16-Bachelor of Arts (Mathematics).3-Year31 Aug 2019
BAS-12-Bachelor of Art (Single Subject)3-Year31 Aug 2019
BAS-16-Bachelor of Art (Single Subject)3-Year31 Aug 2019
MAHL-12-M.A HINDI2-Year27 Aug 2019
MAHL-16-M.A. Hindi2-Year27 Aug 2019
MAHL-17-Master of Arts (Hindi)2-Year27 Aug 2019
CVS-18-Certificate in Vocational Skills (Automotive)1-Six Monthly24 Aug 2019
DIIP-18-Diploma in Industrial Practices2-Semester24 Aug 2019
MAUL-16-M.A. Urdu2-Year17 Aug 2019
MAUL-17-Master of Arts (Urdu)2-Year17 Aug 2019
MAEC-12-M.A Economics2-Year17 Aug 2019
MAEC-16-M.A.Economics2-Year17 Aug 2019
MAEC-17-Master of Arts (Economics)2-Year17 Aug 2019
MCOM-10-Master of Commerce2-Year14 Aug 2019
MCOM-16-Master of Commerce2-Year14 Aug 2019
MCOM-17-Master of Commerce2-Year14 Aug 2019


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