Shillong Teer Results 2023 5th January, 2019 The live Teer Game Number Lucky Number and Winner Name List.pdf Download the Khanapara Juwai Ladrymbai, and Khanapara Teer Results 05.01.2023The results of the today’s Teer Game in competition held in Shillong and Meghalaya is now available on the official website of the organization. Contestants who took part are now able to check Shillong Teer Game lottery number lucky number details from the link provided here. The game is played during the Morning, Evening and Night shifts, with different names. Juwai Teer Result & Khanapara Teer Results 2023 are announced in separate.

Teer Game Category

  • Shillong Teer (Morning/Evening)
  • Jowai Teer (Afternoon)
  • Khanapara Teer (Morning/Evening)
  • Ladrymbai Teer (Night)

Shillong TEER Result Today 5 January 2023 (Morning/Evening/Night) 1st, 2nd Round- According to the latest information, the result of this Teer game competition, which is held daily, is uploaded in the morning and evening. In thiscase, the first-round game starts at 10.30 and the second round begins starts at 11.30. In the evening, the first round starts in the evening at 4.00 followed by the 2nd round begins at 4.45. The result is posted within 15 minutes of the game.

Meghalaya Shillong Teer Result Details

Game Title Shillong Teer Game
Lottery Name Teer Game (Archery Lottery)
Game Type Khanapara TeerJowai Teer
Ladrymbai Teer
State Meghalaya
Performed by State Government
Lottery Ticket Prize 300 to 800 Rs.
Win Prize From 8000 to 11000 rupees.
Teer Result Date 5th January 2023
Mode of Result Online and Offline

How to Verify Shillong Teer 2023 Result Today?

The result is announced both in offline and online modes. Thus, every contestant are able to check their score here, and also the results offline too.

Shillong Teer Game Prize Money

In order to play the game, the player must accept a 300 to 500 R. Lottery Ticket prize. The winner will be awarded a prize from 8000 to 11000.

Shillong TEER Results 05.01.2023 F/SR HIT Number

Morning Results

Date First Round (FR) Second Round (SR)
Teer Game Time 10:30 AM 11:30 AM
Time of Result 10:45 AM 11:45 AM
Score Wait Wait

Evening The Result

Date The First Round Second Round
Game Time 03:40 PM 04:40 PM
Time of Result 03:50 PM 04:50 PM
Final result (Score) Wait Wait

Juwai TEER Result 05.01.2023 F/R, S/R Lucky Number

Morning result

Date The First Round Second Round
Game Time 10:35 AM 11:40 AM
Time to Result 10:50 AM 11:55 AM
Score Wait Wait

Afternoon Results

Date The First Round Second Round
Game Time 02:15 PM 03:00 PM
Time of Result 02:30 PM 03:15 PM
Score Wait Wait

Khanpara Results 05.01.2023 First 2nd Round No.

Date The First Round Second Round
Game Time 11:00 AM 12:00 PM
Time to Result 11:15 AM 12:15 PM
Score Off Off

Evening Results

Date 1st Round Second Round
Game Time 03:30 PM 04:30 PM
Time of Result 03:40 PM 04:40 PM
Final Score (Result) Wait Wait

Meghalaya Night TEER Result 05.01.2023

Night Results

Date The First Round Second Round
Game Time 07:30 PM 08:00 PM
Time to Result 07:45 PM 08:15 PM
Score Wait Wait

Shillong Teer Previous Result 2023

Day of Result Round 1 Number Round 2 Number
4 January 2023 38 85
3 January 2023 05 79
2 January 2023 40 10
30 December 2022 Off Off
29 December 2022 30 22
28 December 2022 26 40
27 December 2022 59 40
26 December 2022 37 80
25 December 2022 37 80
20 December 2022 49 37
19 December 2022 84 91
17 December 2022 84 63
16 December 2022 66 52
15 December 2022 05 71 Shillong Khanapara, Ladrymbai & Jowai Teer Game Result Today 05 January 2023

Shillong Teer game is organized by the state government in various districts across the state. The participant is able shot 50 archers. The contestant has the chance of shooting 30 arrows the first round and following 20 arrows in subsequent rounds. The contestant is given two minutes to complete the task. the contestant must finish the task.

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