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Kerala Lottery Result

Kerala Lottery Result Today 02/06/2020 for Karunya Plus KN-302 Check Here: Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries Department has released the Karunya Plus KN-302 Weekly Lottery Winners List today 02.6.2020. Department will certainly be uploading the Kerala Weekly Lottery (KN-302) Draw listing on Tuesday at 3 PM on the main web website. Candidates that have actually bought the Tuesday Lottery Ticket can able to examine their Kerala Lottery Today (02/6/2020) Draw list through this websites or offered listed below reference straight link.

Kerala Lottery Result Today 23.06.2022

ആസ് വെ ഓൾ നോ കേരളം ഗവണ്മെന്റ് റൺസ് ലോട്ടറി ആൻഡ് റിസൾട്ട് ഓഫ് വിച്ച് ഈസ് റീലീസ്‌ഡ്‌ ഓൺലൈൻ. സൊ വെ ഏറെ ഹിയർ വിത്ത് കമ്പ്ലീറ്റ് ഇൻഫർമേഷൻ ഓൺ ഓൾ ദി കേരളം ലോട്ടറി റിസൾട്ട് ചാറ്റ് വിച്ച് ഈസ് ഗോയിങ് ട്ടോ ഹെല്പ് യോ ഇൻ ചെക്കിങ് ഓൾ കിന്ഡസ് ഓഫ് റിസൾട്സ്. വെ സുഗസ്റ് യു ട്ടോ ചെക്ക് ഡെയിലി ലൈവ് കേരളം ലോട്ടറി റിസൾട്സ്. യു ക്യാൻ ഫിന്ദ് 1 റിസൾട്ട് 2 റിസൾട്ട് ആൻഡ് ഓൾ അദർ ടൈപ്പ് ഓഫ് കേരളം ലോട്ടറി റിസൾട്ട് ഇൻ ദിസ് പോസ്റ്റ്.

Kerala KARUNYA PLUS(KN-426) and other lotteries are major source of revenue for Kerala Government and people play it on daily basis to try their luck. Kerala Lottery Chart 23.06.2022 is the only recognized lotteries which which is operated in India and many poor/Middle Class people buy and win bumper prizes with the publishing of Kerala Lottery Result Today on 23 June 2022. In this page all the latest updates regarding Kerala Lottery Result Today are available on so that you don’t miss your prize.

Live Kerala Lottery Result Today 02/6/2020

All the prospects are educated that the Kerala Lotteries made use of to state the outcome live from 3:00 PM daily and main Karunya Plus KN-302 Result PDF will certainly be offered at 3:00 PM on the official website. Here we are given with the Live Kerala Lotteries Result 02.06.20. So all the prospects are requested to keep some patience and wait for a couple of hours, and also candidates frequently see this website for Today Kerala Lottery Karunya Plus Lottery Result KN-302 Win checklist. Participated candidates can inspect their live standing regarding the Lottery Result.

KARUNYA PLUS(KN-426) Lottery Result Today 23.06.2022

State Kerala
Name Kerala Lottery Result Today
Supervised by Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries
Result Mode Online
Kerala Lottery Result Date 23 June 2022
Today Lottery Name KARUNYA PLUS(KN-426)
Kerala State Lottery Prize Rs 5 Lakh to Rs 10 Lakh
Result Date Every Day & Weekly
KARUNYA PLUS(KN-426) Lottery Result  Available Below
Type of Post Sarkari Result
Kerala Lottery Result Portal Result Today

Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries, Government of Kerala has managed the weekly lotto game system. Karunya Plus KN-302 Ticket Draw hung on 2nd June 2020 at Gorky Bhavan Near Bakery Junction Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala state. The Karunya Plus Lottery result will certainly be begun live from 2:55 PM today, Lottery purchasers can register your ticket to get the winning alert. Our team has actually equipped this page relating to the Lottery information i.e. How do you/ Way to Claim Lottery Money, 1st/2nd/3rd/ 4th/5th/6th/ 7th Prizes List, Kerala Karunya Plus Lottery KN 302 Result today’s affirmation day as well as time. Today Lottery Kerala KN-302 Result is available for the leading ticket numbers and the lottery game has seven rewards.

Weekly Lottery KN 302 Result 2020 Date & Time

Kerala Lotteries Department Government of Kerala is generally carrying out the draw for Weekly Lottery every Tuesday just. So, the present serial number of the Toady lotto game is KN 302. Currently all the candidates are looking Lottery Result Ticket Number with online as well as Prize 1st, 2nd and one more reward from 3 to 4 PM on 2nd June. Here we are offered with all the reward information in table kind for KN 302 Results. Result Chart Today 23 June 2022

Name of Lottery Date of Draw Check Kerala Lottery Result
KARUNYA PLUS(KN-426) 23/06/2022 Check Result
AKSHAYA(AK-554) 22/06/2022 Check Result
STHREE-SAKTHI(SS-318) 21/06/2022 Check Result
WIN-WIN(W-673) 20/06/2022 Check Result
FIFTY-FIFTY(FF-4) 19/06/2022 Check Result
KARUNYA(KR-554) 18/06/2022 Check Result
NIRMAL(NR-281) 17/06/2022 Check Result
KARUNYA PLUS(KN-425) 16/06/2022 Check Result
AKSHAYA(AK-553) 15/06/2022 Check Result
STHREE-SAKTHI(SS-317) 14/06/2022 Check Result
WIN-WIN(W-672) 13/06/2022 Check Result
FIFTY-FIFTY(FF-3) 12/06/2022 Check Result
KARUNYA(KR-553) 11/06/2022 Check Result
NIRMAL(NR-280) 10/06/2022 Check Result
KARUNYA PLUS(KN-424) 09/06/2022 Check Result
AKSHAYA(AK-552) 08/06/2022 Check Result
STHREE-SAKTHI(SS-316) 07/06/2022 Check Result
WIN-WIN(W-671) 06/06/2022 Check Result
FIFTY-FIFTY(FF-2) 05/06/2022 Check Result
KARUNYA(KR-552) 04/06/2022 Check Result
NIRMAL(NR-279) 03/06/2022 Check Result
KARUNYA PLUS(KN-423) 02/06/2022 Check Result
AKSHAYA(AK-551) 01/06/2022 Check Result
STHREE-SAKTHI(SS-315) 31/05/2022 Check Result
WIN-WIN(W-670) 30/05/2022 Check Result
FIFTY-FIFTY(FF-1) 29/05/2022 Check Result
KARUNYA(KR-551) 28/05/2022 Check Result
NIRMAL(NR-278) 27/05/2022 Check Result
Karunya Plus KN-422 26/05/2022 Check Result
AKSHAYA(AK-550) 25/05/2022 Check Result
STHREE-SAKTHI (SS-314) 24/05/2022 Check Result
STHREE-SAKTHI(SS-301) 18/03/2022 Check Result
WIN-WIN(W-656) 16/03/2022 Check Result
KARUNYA(KR-537) 15/03/2022 Check Result
NIRMAL(NR-264) 14/03/2022 Check Result
KARUNYA PLUS(KN-408) 13/03/2022 Check Result
AKSHAYA(AK-536) 12/03/2022 Check Result
STHREE-SAKTHI(SS-300) 11/03/2022 Check Result
WIN-WIN(W-655) 10/03/2022 Check Result
KARUNYA(KR-536) 12/03/2022 Check Result
NIRMAL(NR-263) 11/03/2022 Check Result
KARUNYA PLUS(KN-407) 10/03/2022 Check Result
AKSHAYA(AK-535) 09/03/2022 Check Result
STHREE-SAKTHI(SS-299) 08/03/2022 Check Result
WIN-WIN(W-654) 07/03/2022 Check Result
KARUNYA(KR-535) 05/03/2022 Check Result
NIRMAL(NR-262) 04/03/2022 Check Result
KARUNYA PLUS(KN-406) 03/03/2022 Check Result
AKSHAYA(AK-534) 02/03/2022 Check Result
STHREE-SAKTHI(SS-298) 01/03/2022 Check Result
WIN-WIN(W-653) 31/03/2022 Check Result
KARUNYA(KR-534) 29/02/2022 Check Result
NIRMAL(NR-261) 28/02/2022 Check Result
KARUNYA PLUS(KN-405) 27/01/2022 Check Result
STHREE-SAKTHI(SS-297) 25/01/2022 Check Result
WIN-WIN(W-652) 24/01/2022 Check Result
KARUNYA(KR-533) 22/01/2022 Check Result
NIRMAL(NR-260) 21/01/2022 Check Result
KARUNYA PLUS(KN-404) 20/01/2022 Check Result
AKSHAYA(AK-533) 19/01/2022 Check Result
STHREE-SAKTHI(SS-296) 18/01/2022 Check Result
WIN-WIN(W-651) 17/01/2022 Check Result
KARUNYA(KR-532) 15/01/2022 Check Result
NIRMAL(NR-259) 14/01/2022 Check Result
KARUNYA PLUS(KN-403) 13/01/2022 Check Result
AKSHAYA(AK-532) 12/01/2022 Check Result
STHREE-SAKTHI(SS-295) 11/01/2022 Check Result
WIN-WIN(W-650) 10/01/2022 Check Result
KARUNYA(KR-531) 08/01/2022 Check Result
NIRMAL(NR-258) 07/01/2022 Check Result
KARUNYA PLUS(KN-402) 06/01/2022 Check Result

How to Download Kerala Weekly Lottery 2020 Result PDF

Step 1: Visit the Official Website of Kerala State Lottery i.e.

Step 2: Home Page will appear on the screen.

Step 3: On the Home Page click on “Result View” Tab.

Step 4: Click on the Result from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Click on the Link For Karunya Plus Lottery Result.

Step 6: Pdf will appear on the screen. Download it for future use.

Result of 1.6.20 PDF Link-Not Available

Result of 02.6.20 PDF Link- Update Soon

Result of 3 June 20 PDF Link – Upcoming

Official Result PDF : Available Soon

Official Website :

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