Chhattisgarh School reopening News: Finally, after a gap of nearly 11 months, the Chhattsigarh State Government has cleared the decks for reopening of Secondary and Intermediate Schools in the state from today i.e. 15th February 2021 onwards. The decision to reopen schools for secondary and senior secondary students was taken at a cabinet meeting held recently. To ensure safe return of students back to the campus, schools across the state would be reopened in complete compliance with the COVID-19 precautionary guidelines.

Colleges, Skill Development Centres to Reopen As Well

As reported earlier, the decision to allow schools in Chhattisgarh State to reopen was taken at a recent Cabinet meeting. Following the meeting, Agriculture minister Ravindra Choubey announced the decision formally, which said that along with schools, offline classes in colleges and universities would also begin from 15th February 2021. Apart from this, the state cabinet also gave its permission for to resume skill development training programs in the state.

The decision to reopen schools and colleges for students was taken by the state cabinet keeping in mind the academic priorities for the students who are in their higher classes. Such students would need some guidance in order to prepare before they can appear for the final exam or upcoming board exams.

Taking into account the safety of the students, the state government has asked all stakeholders to ensure that COVID-19 precautionary guidelines and all the standard operating procedures are followed by the state government. In line with this, students, teachers and non-teaching staff members will have to ensure proper social distance between them when they are on campus. Moreover, wearing of masks and following good hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene as well while attending regular classes.

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