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Experience Level: Expert
Estimated project duration: 3 – 4 weeks
Hi, I need someone who can write a code for Compupter VIsioning (Image Recognition) using untagged and tagged photographs. I have 80,000 tagged images and 30,000 untagged images (soon to be tagged).

The algorithm needs to identify approx 5 main categories of image based on colour and edge detection, with primary version being bounding boxes and secondary being orthogonal tagging.

The next phase will then be to integrate GPS information from the images to enable GIS mapping.

This is an ongoing project with significant future work so needs someone who can work professionally, efficiently and quickly to get the initial algorithm up and running asap.

This software is for an environmental sustainability company, used for monitoring pollution which will help with clean-up – so it would be great to work with someone who cares about the environment and would like to contribute their skills to help us develop this software. We are a small startup with a limited budget but hopefully this will attract someone who is also keen to do work that has significant environmental impact.

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